Summary & Philosophy

I have designed and been sole instructor of a Sociology of Gender course for undergraduate and masters students, and will be instructor of record for the course Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy this upcoming winter. I was a also co-instructor for a course entitled Inequality and Empathy to a group of women recently released from prison through the Stanford Ethics Center's Hope House Scholars Program. I also spent a semester shadowing a professor at San José State University, where I learned more about adapting my pedagogical practices to diverse students in primarily undergraduate institutions.

Through these experiences, I have developed teaching pedagogy centered around three core methods to help students develop a sociological way of thinking about the world: creating an inclusive classroom to facilitate intellectual risk-taking; engaging students; and teaching students how knowledge is produced.

Teaching Experience


  • Poverty, Inequality & Social Policy - Stanford Department of Sociology (Winter 2019)
  • Sociology of Gender - Stanford Department of Sociology (Fall 2018)
  • Inequality & Empathy - (co-instructor) Hope House Scholars Program (Summer 2016)

Teaching Awards

  • Alpha Kappa Delta Teaching & Learning Fellow - Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting (2018)
  • Centennial Teaching Award - School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University (2016)

Teaching Assistant

  • Introduction to Social Stratification - Stanford Department of Sociology (2014)
  • Interpersonal Relations - Stanford Department of Sociology (2014)
  • Senior Seminar: Innovation & Invention - Stanford Science and Technology Studies (2014)

Select Teaching Materials

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Sociology of Gender

Poverty, Inequality, and Social Policy

All Undergraduate Sociology Courses

Comments from Student Evaluations

"Section felt like a safe place to ask questions and an intellectually engaging space to talk about the material in a more in-depth way." -Student in Interpersonal Relations

“I learned how to read sociology research papers and apply the takeaways to my life and the lives of those around me. I think I learned to be skeptical of research but also to understand the limitations of studying sociology and to trust the larger implications of these studies. I learned the many spheres and scales that gender occupies.” -Student in Sociology of Gender

"Having us post questions for discussion before each section and then facilitating the discussion centered around these questions was an extremely effective approach... Molly let us do most of the talking, interjecting to answer clarification questions or to probe for deeper thinking. Overall I thought this was extremely helpful." -Student in Interpersonal Relations

"SO helpful in meetings outside class. Felt like she really wanted students to succeed." -Student in Introduction to Social Stratification

"Even though most of the sections were student-led, Molly always strengthened the quality of the discussion through complex questions or comments. Very knowledgable about material." -Student in Introduction to Social Stratification

"They taught the class really well and they really challenged my thoughts on the subject. Thank you... for all of the ways you engaged us in the conversations." -Student in Empathy and Inequality