Resources for Students & Researchers

Here is a list of resources I hope you may find helpful.

Learning Resources

Undergraduate Research Journals

Quantitative Skills

Writing Skills

Reproducibility & Transparency in Research

Data Resources

The lists of datasets and data repositories can help provide a starting point for finding data for a research paper or project. I have used those with a * extensively in my own research and so may be able to assist students with questions about them.

Lists of Datasets / Repositories

Panel Data

Panel data from U.S. nationally representative samples on a variety of topics

Specific Datasets

These datasets are generally respected and widely used.

  • General Social Survey* - ongoing, nationally representative survey of U.S. life since 1972

  • IPUMS - U.S. Census data

  • IHIS* - U.S. Nationally representative survey related to health

  • Add Health - longitudinal study of health from adolescence to adulthood, includes network, educational, and biometric data

  • NLS (including NLSY) - National Longitudinal Surveys, looking at important life events and labor market outcomes

  • HINTS* - Health Information National Trends Survey

  • PIAAC - Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies, assesses cognitive and workplace skills

Odds & Ends

Sociology as Profession

Other Helpful Pieces

Things I have found helpful throughout my work-life.