Molly M. King

Who owns knowledge and how does this shape inequality?

I am a sociologist who studies knowledge inequalities and the implications of these inequalities for people's lives.

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Santa Clara University. Learn more >

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New publication in Teaching Sociology!

The Undergraduate RA: Benefits and Challenges for Sociology Faculty and Research Assistants

by Molly M. King and Megan K. Imai

By interviewing 13 undergraduate research assistants and 10 faculty in sociology departments at primarily undergraduate institutions, we outline the benefits and challenges of faculty-directed research with undergraduates.

ASA Annual Meeting 2022 Presentation

Invited Panel:

Intersectional Perspectives on Knowledge Production and Open Science

New publication in Sociological Methodology!

by Molly M. King

The method I develop in this paper, random empirical distribution imputation (REDI), converts binned income data to continuous. REDI achieves this through random cold-deck imputation from a real-world reference data set.

New publication in Sociology Compass!

Disability and climate change: A critical realist model of climate justice

by Molly M. King and Maria A. Gregg

Our framework, the critical realist model of climate justice, reviews four elements: contextual and environmental features that cause vulnerability; adaptive capacity and resilience to climate change; perceptions of and information gathering about risk; and social action and policy.